Free High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Free High PR Social Bookmarking Sites assist you effectively to bookmark your sites on search engines to provide high rankings. It is a great way to rank up your site in less time. Social Bookmarking Sites provides you very high results with less content requirement. 

Social Bookmarking sites are the best platform to get high-quality traffic and back link.

Advantages to submit your website in Free High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

Following are the reasons to Submit your website in Free High PR Social Bookmarking Sites are that in history Social bookmarking sites were used to bookmark important pages by user for future reference and uses but later on it came into notice that these bookmarking sites worked as a back link site and search engines counted it as external back links and played a major role in ranking our website.

Following are the Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites-

  1. High Domain Authority
  2. High Page Authority
  3. High Quality Back link to boost the Rankings over Search Engine Ranking Pages.
  4. Increase in Organic Traffic
  5. 5. Increase in the presence of website over Search Engines.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites Submission Guidelines-

  1. Find a High PR Social bookmarking site make sure that the social bookmarking site should be of the relevant category. 
  2. Verify that the Social Bookmarking site is free of malware.
  3. Create a sheet to note down the bookmarking site.
  4. Cross check that the Bookmarking site is working properly and providing Back links.
  5. Use the focused keywords the title section and rest keywords in the description with a proper written content. 
  6. After submitting your website check the status of submission.

How to Submit Instant approval Social Bookmarking Site for getting Back link?


Be ready with an Email id and worksheet.


Find the social bookmarking site in the relevant category and click on the submit button. 

Use focused keyword which is being targeted for particular page.

Ex- Our focused keyword is Digital Marketing Training in Indore submit the keyword in Title section of Social Bookmarking site.


Submit the targeted page URL in the URL section and click on proceed.


Include remaining keywords in the description and tags section and then proceed to submit.


And record this submission in a worksheet for future use or to check about the status of the back link. If it will be submitted it will be shown in the published section otherwise it will be included in the pending section.

This is the way Social Bookmarking is used to rank up the site.


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